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About Us

We are a group of like minded individuals who have realized that the government on it’s own can not solve the problems that beset our world such as poverty, unemployment, corruption, crimes, economic inequality, poor tax revenues, poor infrastructure. We have realized that there is one common thread that exists in all these problems which is CASH. We are referring to only physical cash not credit or debit cards, not cheques, not online transfers.

  1. Did you know that the India gets 66% less tax? Poor tax revenues are because people prefer to line their own pockets than the government’s for which they have to hide their income which is possible only if they deal in CASH.
  2. Poor infrastructure is because some supervisor has been asked to look the other way because of a bribe paid in CASH.
  3. 64% of bribes to corrupt people( both directly and through an agent) are paid in CASH.
  4. Economic inequality exists because the rich and well off refuse to give their fair share of taxes which can be used by the government to raise the standard of living of the marginalised section. The rich hoodwinks the government by preferring to deal in CASH.
  5. Criminals always prefer high value notes and prefer to deal in CASH. ( Read the study carried out by researchers at Harvard University- Making it Harder for the Bad Guys: The Case for Eliminating High Denomination Notes)
  6. Unemployment exists because there are no jobs, jobs don’t exist because businesses are not expanding, business are not expanding because they don’t get loans from banks, banks don’t give loans because they don’t have money to give, banks don’t have money to give because Rs 6,00,000 crores ($86 Billion USD) high denomination notes is outside the banking system in India in CASH.
  7. Counterfeiters always prefer to make high value notes because of logistical reasons. It is easier to hide and move around and cheaper to print one high value note than several low value notes. A large cash based economy facilitates this. If the demand is high counterfeiters will print. If there is no demand because people prefer card payments then the supply will also reduce.

Now do you realize how just targeting CASH can solve a large number of problems that developing countries face. This is why we have decided to start a “NO CASH” movement. How do we get people to avoid using cash? Most people that deal in cash do so because they have something to hide which is usually extra income which is not known to the government. Earlier the details of the cash paid were known to only 3 people- the customer, the cashier and the owner of the business. What if that income is no longer hidden? What if every customer who pays cash just sends that information on a public platform, that collates and gives government agencies the information that they want on a platter. The cash collected by them is now visible to all including but not restricted to-

  1. His wife- She knows exactly how much he earns on the side which makes it easier to ask for another necklace or even find out if he has got a mistress on the side. No man could stand such scrutiny, especially from his wife.
  2. Tax authorities- The government now knows approximately how much the person has earned in cash and can target such tax evaders with ease increasing tax revenues.
  3. Immediate family- If the person has taken a bribe would they want the whole world to know about it especially his wife, children, relatives, parents and friends? No, the fear of being exposed, of seeing his/her name on a website that collects information on bribes will prevent him/her from taking bribes in cash or kind.
  4. Anti corruption agencies- Government agencies now have a website which shows all the people who reportedly collect bribes on a single page at the click of a few buttons. They now keep watch on their activities. Would you take a bribe if you knew that the other person could easily report the matter on a website which is easily visible to government agencies?

This is the logic behind this website. It will work with your support. Let’s get together and make this work. Collectively we can do it. EACH ONE, REPORT ONE!