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Support Us

You can help us out from the comfort of your home in the following ways-

  1. Spread the word regularly - This website crowd sources data on bribes and large cash transactions from people just like you. Without that data this site is like a store with no goods. Tell your circle of friends, relatives, Whatsapp groups, Facebook buddies, Instagram, Linkedin…. you get the drift. Follow us and like us on Facebook and twitter. More data means more intelligence. Just like your parents remind you to call your relatives once in a while, pay the electricity bill, refill the gas cylinder blah, blah blah… remind your circle of influence about the no cash movement atleast once in 3 months.
  2. Accurately report bribes and large cash transactions - You may not officially complain about the bribes paid by you because of all the hassles associated with your work getting stuck, doing the rounds of various offices, being questioned…. in general a waste of time and effort but you can easily report that data on this website in just a few seconds. Please enter data that is true and accurate. Your data is valuable. There are millions of poor people who are unaware or are unable to use this website. You can be their voice. Report what they have paid on this website.
  3. Donate - running a website costs money for
    A. Domain charges.
    B. Website hosting charges.
    C. Website developer.
    D. Office and staff costs.
    E. Advertising costs.
    F. Payment gateway charges.

    Payments have to be made monthly for salaries, bills, rents etc. Donate what you can preferably on a monthly basis. This ensures that we have a steady source of income to pay the bills.

Thank you for your support.