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Terms and Conditions

  1. This website is meant to be a platform to crowdsource data on bribes paid and large cash transactions. The details of individuals accepting bribes and stores accepting large cash transactions will be displayed so that visitors to the website are aware of offices and stores which reportedly accept bribes and insist on cash payments. The data is given by visitors to the website/publicly available. The owners of the website take no responsibility or liability for the data given by visitors to the site. The summary that is generated and displayed is completely based on the data given by website users. Website users are requested to only enter factual and accurate data on bribes and cash transactions. Your data is used to compile and summarize the data.
  2. The website does not insist on email IDs when accepting data so that visitors can submit information on bribes paid and large cash transactions anonymously hence we have no way to find out who gave a particular data point.
  3. If you don’t want your name or store appearing on this website the best way is to stop accepting bribes and cash payments. If you are not guilty of taking bribes or cash payments and despite that your name appears here because someone had a grudge against you or your firm, you again have no reason to be afraid because any investigation that is carried out by government agencies will exonerate you because there is no evidence of wrongdoing at your end.
  4. We reiterate that the data is crowd sourced and we take absolutely no legal responsibility or liability for the data displayed here. If we are guilty then Google can also be held guilty for providing links to illegal content.
  5. All users of the website are deemed to have read the terms and conditions and accepted them as amended/ updated. Users are expected to periodically go through the terms and conditions for any updates. No intimation of any updates to the above will be given in any manner whatsoever. Visitors to this website also indemnify the owners and their legal heirs of any legal or financial liability.
  6. The data and content of the website may be moderated.